"What's In The Box?" Submission

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"What's In The Box?" is a series on my YouTube channel showcasing the most organized, efficient, and awe-inspiring filmmaking equipment kits.  Whether it be in a Pelican case, backpack, or fanny pack, I want to showcase how filmmakers around the world are organizing their equipment.  Every filmmaker needs different equipment, and every filmmaker's kit is unique.  If you have a kit that you are particularly proud of, please use the submission form below to be featured on the show and share it with the world!

If you are ready to submit your kit for consideration for the show, there are a few things I will need from you:

1.  I want to make sure to give credit to the owners of all those beautiful kits out there, but understandably everyone may not want their real name published on the internet.  To protect your anonymity, you can submit an alias that you would like me to use when I showcase your submission.  Please keep these names appropriate, otherwise I will have to reject your submission.  If you would like not to receive credit and remain anonymous, just type "Anonymous" in the Preferred Alias field.

2.  When you are entering the description of your kit, please be as descriptive as possible.  The people who watch this show are interested in the nitty gritty details!  Let us know the type of case/bag/backpack you are using, any custom modifications you have made, the equipment inside, and include model numbers for as much as you can.  We are all gear nerds with this show, and model numbers are our crack!

3.  I will need some visual media to go with your submission.  These can be as simple as cell phone photos, or can be high resolution video you have shot yourself.  Remember, these images are what the audience will see if your kit is showcased, so make them look as good as you can!  Here are the basic requirements for media to be used in the show:

  • Adequate lighting to clearly see the subject matter
  • Sharp and in focus, without heavy noise or motion blur
  • Correct white balance
  • Multiple angles (as many as possible)
  • Dedicated shots of every item listed in the kit description
  • Close up detail shots (these are always a crowd pleaser!)
  • Video is smooth if handheld, not shaky
  • Video clips no shorter than 10 seconds
  • Photos in JPEG or PNG format
  • Video in MP4 or MOV format
  • Video resolution of 1080p minimum (4K accepted)

4.  When you have gathered all of your media, please consolidate it in a single location and submit a single link where everything can be downloaded.  I will not be hunting through various links to gather all of the media needed for submissions.  Sharing a link through a service like Dropbox or Google Drive is preferred.

Finally, please note that not all submissions will be featured on the show.  Failure to meet all of the requirements listed above will prevent your submission from being featured.  I will also be reviewing each of the submissions and choosing which ones will be featured on the show.  Your submission may also be accepted but held for a later show, so just because you didn't see your kit the week after you submitted doesn't mean you didn't make it!  I will do my best to give you a heads up if you will be featured on an upcoming show, but the best way to stay up to date is to subscribe to the channel!  http://www.youtube.com/bartjohnsonprod

With all that out of the way, let's see those kits!  Happy filmmaking!

Name *
Please keep them appropriate!
ex. Portable Lighting Kit, Cinema Camera Kit, Drone Kit, Lens Kit, etc.
Please be as descriptive as possible. Include model numbers of case and items wherever possible.
Add the link where the media for you submission can be downloaded. Please have everything available with one link. Dropbox or Google Drive is preferred.