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Professional Tools and Experience

Whether you are looking for an independent cameraman, or an entire crew to create your latest vision, I have all of the tools and experience to deliver the high quality product you are envisioning.  With experience working on various types of sets and projects, I will tailor the services I provide to the needs of your individual project.

I have experience with camera platforms ranging from GoPros and DSLRs all the way up to high end RED Cinema cameras.  With a large inventory of in-house equipment, I am able to bring professional tools to the set without the need for expensive rental costs.

If your production is of a large scale, not to worry.  I can have a team ready to fill whatever positions you need and can run anything from a small one-on-one interview, to a full scale narrative film production.


The Cutting Room Floor

Capturing high quality footage is only half the battle.  When the lights have been turned off and the camera gear packed up, the magic of post production begins.

Editing is a vital step in shaping your video to make sure it meets your goals and objectives.  Professional editors have a keen eye and a sense for timing and pacing that will keep your audience engaged.  As a professional editor, I will make sure your final product is of the highest quality.


Color Correction and Grading

One very important part of editing that is often overlooked by those who are less experienced, is footage and audio correction.  Even while using top of the line equipment and techniques, both video and audio almost always require some attention to make them look and sound their best.  Whether the color in a particular shot needs to be corrected, or a slight hissing sound needs to be removed from an audio clip, a professional editor with the right tools can make your project perfect.


Industry Standard Tools

While video editing is becoming more accessible at the consumer level, it is still nowhere near the power and capabilities of professional editing software.  Able to handle footage of the highest quality and perform complex tasks and edits, the professional tools are unmatched.

My tools of choice are the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications.  This software enables me to edit, correct, manipulate, and assemble high end footage from any camera platform out there.  It’s stability and reliability ensures that your project is safe throughout the editing process and can be turned around quickly and efficiently.

Videos Are Meant to Be Seen

Video is a visual medium.  It is meant to be viewed.  You created your video with an audience in mind.  Let me help you make sure your video reaches that audience.

Whether you are looking to master your video content to DVD or BluRay, or you are planning on using digital distribution, I can deliver your final product in any format you require.  If you are looking for a single master disc for duplication, or a digital file that is web-ready, I am able to deliver your finished product in whatever format you could need.  I even offer disc duplication services if you want to get started sending your video out right away.